Sors for the shitty snapchat picture but look at my finished charcoal drawing of bden ewe


what have you done to my cat, you monster

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i’m gone for the week so i thought i’d just dump this here. my cecil changes, like, everyday (theres also little old woman josie and 2 erikas in there)

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❝they forget that true monsters walk among them — mortal men hungry for blood and power.❞

glory + gore go hand in hand

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i. There’s a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of it Yet - Panic! At The Disco // ii. Glory & Gore - Lorde // iii. Satin In A Coffin - Modest Mouse // iv. Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club // v. Run Boy Run - Woodkid // vi. Oedipus - Regina Spektor // vii. King For A Day (Acoustic Cover) - Sam McCarthy (originally Pierce The Veil) // viii. Broken Mirrors - Rise Against // ix. Novocain - Jeremy Messersmith // x. Hurricane - Thirty Seconds To Mars // xi. Little Pistol - Mother Mother

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this week’s night vale doodles, featuring Cecil, Carlos, the Visitor, Glow Cloud, and Khoshekh.

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"Because all of us are normal! And to be otherwise would make us outcasts from our own community."

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can we just talk about how Brendon runs(x)

yes. yes we can.

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7 People Who Just Got Mauled by Kittens

They can be very brutal.

Via The I Love Cats Site

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